Smart Lipo vs Traditional liopsuction

Smart Lipo (also referred to as laser liposuction) uses laser energy to liquefy fat before it’s removed from the body with a small tube called a cannula. In some cases, the doctor may not remove the fat, but allow it to be absorbed by the body and eliminated naturally. Like liposuction, it’s not intended to significantly reduce weight, but address fat that’s been resistant to diet and exercise. Some claim the treatment also tightens skin and leads to a faster recovery than other forms of lipo.

Pros and Cons of Smart Lipo vs. Traditional Liposuction

  • Local anesthetic is used instead of general anesthesia. Traditional liposuction uses general anesthesia so there is more risk.
  • Minimal blood loss is a major advantage to getting SmartLipo instead of traditional lipo. The precision laser technology leaves blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue largely undisturbed.
  • About three days of downtime: minimal swelling, bruising and pain so you can get back to life.
  • Incisions are tiny and eliminate the need for stitches resulting in faster healing time and a virtually scar-free procedure.
  • A much smaller cannula (suction tube) is used to remove the liquefied fat so the entire area is left better preserved with our liposuction methods than with standard liposuction.
  • Fat is easier to remove with the laser because it is liquefied. Traditional liposuction removes the fat in solid particles.
  • Tighter skin with Smart Lipo because the heat from the laser coagulates the collagen in the skin. Traditional liposuction leaves empty pockets under the skin and can leave sagging.
  • Only one treatment needed vs. traditional liposuction which can require several procedures.
  • More affordable because only one treatment is needed and expensive general anesthesia is not used.

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